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If you are looking for an experienced and professional podiatrist in the Houston, Texas area…Welcome to Foot Surgery Specialists of Texas

The podiatrist professionals at Foot Surgery Specialists of Texas are pleased to welcome you to our practice. Most Americans log around 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they are 50. Regular foot and ankle care can help ensure your feet are up to the task. Most foot and ankle problems can be lessened with the proper detection, intervention, and care. Our minimally invasive techniques in foot and ankle care are designed to help you return to motion with minimal discomfort and a quicker recovery time.

At FSST, our highly trained, highly skilled, and extremely experienced podiatrist and staff are here to provide each patient with the most current treatment and compassionate care. A podiatrist, or doctor of podiatric medicine, is commonly referred to as a foot doctor. For years, people have come to us, seeking relief for various foot and ankle pain and conditions. We treat everything from heel pain to severe trauma. Your health is our priority. We have developed multiple minimally invasive foot surgery techniques and have become leaders in foot and ankle care.

Dr. Maria M. Buitrago, DPM, a leading podiatrist in Houston, continues to provide expert, compassionate care to her patients. Dr. Buitrago has experience treating a wide range of foot conditions – from minor problems such as corns to complex conditions. As a podiatrist in Houston specializing in difficult to treat foot problems, Dr. Buitrago has access to advanced treatments for her patients. If you are in need of a podiatrist in Houston, call today at 1-832-389-2730 to talk to our staff and schedule your appointment with a podiatrist. We look forward to solving your foot problems and putting you back on the road to an active and healthy life.


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